The Victor Ibrahim Foundation for Facial Recovery

The Victor Ibrahim Foundation for Facial Recovery, a non-profit research organization headquartered at the offices of The Center for Facial Recovery, provides hope for those affected by facial paralysis, TMD and related musculoskeletal symptoms. The Foundation researches treatments; provides a forum for clinical experts to exchange ideas and information; and educates providers, patients, and the public.

The foundation was named posthumously for Dr. Victor Ibraham, a brilliant and kind healer who cared greatly for his patients. Dr. Ibrahim was part of the team that created many of the treatments received by patients at The Center for Facial Recovery, specifically the IBBS (Ibrahim, Barth, Stezar) procedure. Without his  inspiring energy, commitment, and faith, the Center would likely not exist. He has given us hope that solutions will be found for the riddles of facial palsy, TMD, and related musculoskeletal symptoms.

To learn more about the foundation, visit or email