An environment of healing, encouragement, and wellness.

The Center for Facial and Functional Recovery (CFFR) was founded in 2014 by nationally recognized and industry-awarded facial rehabilitation experts Jodi Barth, PT, and Gincy Stezar, PTA. Today, the Center continues to provide state-of-the-art physical therapy techniques to heal our patients in a positive, nurturing environment. We bring almost 40 years of experience and a large toolbox of therapies to benefit our patients. 

In addition to Jodi and Gincy, our team includes expert therapists Carl Chua, PT, and Jennifer Akman, PT, DPT, and our invaluable Director of Business Operations Luis Miranda, as well as multi-disciplinary physicians and specialists that collaborate on behalf of our patients using breakthrough treatment programs for maximum benefit.

The team focuses on a comprehensive approach to treating patients who are dealing with a variety of types of facial palsy and facial nerve injury, postural/orthopedic dysfunction, and TMD. At our center, you are never alone; we navigate and coordinate the complexities of treatment options for our patients. We utilize our extensive physical therapy experience and training to build individual whole-body treatment plans to facilitate our patients’ healing. 

The CFFR team provides you with comprehensive, compassionate, world-class coordinated care that is based on original research and treatments.