Welcome to The Center for Facial and Functional Recovery™

The Center for Facial Recovery Team

We’re a comprehensive physical therapy practice located in the greater Washington DC region.

Our physical therapists are some of the few in the country that specialize in the treatment of facial/bells palsy, TMJ disorders, and orthopedics. Our clinicians are highly trained in neuromuscular re-education, manual therapy, cranio-sacral therapy, dry needling and multiple other physical therapy techniques.

First, know that you’re not alone and we’re very glad you’re here.

We look forward to providing and coordinating the support system you need in order to meet the challenges of facial paralysis, TMD (jaw symptoms), and their related conditions. Tens of thousands of men, women, and children are diagnosed each year with facial paralysis and an estimated 10 million Americans are affected by symptoms related to TMD. Postural dysfunctions can create multiple problems throughout the body. The Center for Facial and Functional Recovery (CFFR) offers a wide range of cutting-edge solutions. We believe that early intervention, a whole-body approach, and coordinated care are the keys to recovery.


I am forever grateful

Heartfelt congratulations [on the Center’s fifth anniversary], and God bless you for all that you do. I am forever grateful for all you did for me.

Get Better Faster

Many doctors tell you there is nothing you can do but wait when you get facial palsy. But that just isn’t true. Jodi and Gincy show you the things you can do to get better faster!

You are dedicated individuals

Congratulations on [the Center’s fifth anniversary]. All of you are absolutely a joy to work with. You are dedicated individuals on the cutting edge of the services that you provide. Please express my heart-felt best wishes and gratitude for everything you have helped me with, as well as the many patients that you have seen and continue to see.

Thankful to have found this wonderful group

I have been going to the [CFFR] about every week for one and a half years now and have made significant improvements. …I am now able to close my eye, read, and drive without pain. I am just thankful to have found this wonderful group of people who are there for people like me who have no idea what to do when this happens to them.


Jodi B
Jodi Maron Barth, PT, CCI
Gincy S
Gincy Lockhart Stezar, PTA, CCI
Carl C
Carl Chua, PT, CCI
Licensed Physical Therapist
Luis M
Luis A. Miranda
Director of Business Operations
Jennifer Akman, DPT, OCS