The Center for Facial Recovery™ provides comprehensive, compassionate, world-class treatment based on original research and treatment that will give you something to smile about! We take a unique team approach, bringing just the right specialist to your customized treatment plan – physical therapists; physician specialists; dentists; psychologists; voice teachers and more.

The Center for Facial Recovery™ was founded and is led by two of the nation’s foremost experts in facial recovery therapies – Jodi Maron Barth, PT, CCI, and Gincy Stezar, PTA, CCI. Unlike many approaches that go right for a surgical solution, their approach is centered on taking a comprehensive approach to treating their patients, seeking the best custom medical interventions.

At the Center for Facial Recovery™, you are not alone. We navigate and coordinate the complexities of treatment options for our patients. We utilize the founders’ physical therapy background and biofeedback training to practice mainstream mind-body medicine  and the treatment of facial nerve injury, postural dysfunction and temporomandibular disorders (TMD). We create an environment of healing, encouragement and wellness.

Our services include:

  • Comprehensive team evaluation and treatment plan development 
  • Coordination of services across all treatment touch points
  • Proprietary technique using ultrasound guidance called IBBS™ to treat synkinesis, a common condition of facial palsy
  • Rehabilitation services that include neuromuscular re-education and therapeutic activities, cranial–sacral release, muscle energy techniques, neural tension release, biofeedback, manual therapy, taping techniques, postural awareness/training
  • Mirror Book™, a rehabilitation device providing real-time twice-reflected visual feedback that encourages patients with facial weakness to begin therapy immediately while reducing the psychological impact of looking in the mirror.  We have also had great success at utilizing this same technique to improve muscle imbalance in patients that suffer from TMD or other symptoms related to abnormal posture.
  • Unique approach in looking at the performing artist from head to foot addressing jaw, neck and tongue tension.
  • Online programs that educate and empower patients to follow their treatment plans if traveling to the center would not be possible.
  • A complete set of Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) services to address pain and dysfunction in the jaw joint and the muscles that control jaw movement.