July 15th 2014  The Center opens its doors to all who seek high quality care for facial nerve injuries, temporomandibular  joint symptoms and postural dysfunctions.



A Collaborative Approach to Releasing Tongue and Jaw Tension: Foot to Head
Martha Randall, Jodi Barth, Gincy Stezar


Saturday, July 5 • 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

This voice teacher/physical therapist team has received rave reviews in their work at several NATS Intern Programs as well as other conferences. Barth and Stezar have found that the feet often play an important role in jaw and tongue tension, and Randall has found that adding vocalization during and after a variety of prescribed physical stretches improves ease of production as well as increases pitch and dynamic range. This workshop will include basic knowledge, self diagnostics, case studies from the audience, guided hands-on training in small groups, practical suggestions regarding topics such as performance footwear, and Q & A. You will leave with specific strategies you can immediately apply to your work.