Don’t Just Take Our Word for It…

The Center for Facial Recovery’s™ founders, Jodi Barth and Gincy Stezar, have been caring for patients for decades, and their patients care about the facial treatments and results they’ve experienced. Check out just some of the testimonials from satisfied patients… (or read some more on

Don’t Give Up – And Go For It!

Jodi’s and the team’s compassion, knowledge, kindness, and willingness to collaborate will make your journey to recovery easier. The team helped me heal my facial nerve pain that included an irritated, misaligned and painful jaw that triggered pain throughout my body. Don’t give up and go for it! C.W.
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The Advantages of Using Ultrasound on Facial Paralysis Patients

As a person with facial palsy on the right side of my face, I went through several months of physical therapy, facial exercises & treatments, but did not see much visual movement externally. When my  motivation and hope was at an all time low; i went to see a therapist at facial recovery center. Jodi used an ultrasound machine on my face to gauge the internal muscle contraction movements. Seeing some movement around the muscles of my mouth was very exciting. It was the first piece of evidence I saw that gave me hope. It inspired me to keep up with my regime and exercises, to keep moving forward and that one day I will have a symmetrical smile! The data from ultrasound machine acquires 3D data sets of several facial muscles on both sides of the face. A comparison is made between the data sets gathered on the working side of my face versus the palsy side. This bilateral comparison made feasible due to the ultrasound images for all facial muscle groups ( frontalis muscle, orbicularis oculi muscle, depressor anguli oris muscle, depressor labii inferioris muscle, and mentalist muscle) depict the muscle volume differences which are often smaller on the palsy side. She used this data to assess if Synkinesis was developing as a side effect of the regenerative healing that takes place in the facial muscles. It was very promising to see a quantitative evaluation of my facial muscles and was a turning point in my journey to recovery.
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So Excited for the Future